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The i-CAT 3-D Digital CAT Scan: The Most Advanced Dental CAT Scan

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We Are Proud to Introduce the i-CAT 3-D Digital Dental CAT Scan

dental 3D scannerOurs is one of only a small number of dentistry offices in Chicago that offers i-CAT 3-D digital CAT scans. We take great pride in offering this superior dental CAT scan service to our patients. When it comes to oral and maxillofacial implant imaging, these scans offer the fullest amount of information and pinpoint accuracy regarding the structure of patients’ mouths, faces, and jaws.

Anatomy once merely estimated now becomes fully observable. Remarkably thorough diagnoses, treatment plans, minimally invasive procedures, and the likeliest results for these particular procedures are the result. Patients are thrilled with the results, the convenience and the reduced financial impact of this cutting-edge 3D digital dental CAT scan equipment.



How the i-CAT Dental CAT Scan Works

An i-CAT scan is more convenient, less expensive and has drastically lowered radiation doses than traditionally-based hospital CAT scan and dental X-ray equipment. Imaging from the i-CAT dental CAT scan reveals problems far earlier, which often may not be seen via conventional X–ray films or 2D imaging equipment.

A patient sits in an “open environment,” increasing comfort and capturing the normal positioning of anatomy. Plus, this far more comfortable position results in much less stress and enhances patients’ peace of mind. And the time it takes for your specialist to learn the results can be a matter of seconds.

The dental 3D scanner digital data transfers to computers in 1 minute, and displays on interactive, 3D mapping that allows easy formatting and the accurate selection of areas for near-instant viewing. The i-CAT is used with almost every dental implant patient of ours. Plus, we offer its services to other dental specialists and doctors that need to utilize the most superior imaging available for their patients.

If you have any questions about dental 3D scanner technology, our knowledgeable staff is ready to help.

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