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The Dental Implant Procedure: What To Expect

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The Four Basic Steps of the Dental Implant Procedure

dental implant dentistry

  1. The Consult.

First, you will have a thorough consultation with Dr. Spiro Karras. This important first step in dental implant dentistry is vital in determining your possible candidacy for a dental implant procedure. There will be 3D CT scanning. The doctor will possibly haven dental impressions taken in order to create a model of your teeth. This way the doctor will be able to design the very best dental implant procedure for you. From start to finish, each phase of the process is designed to assure that you receive the very best quality care during procedure and results from your replacement teeth.

The evaluation will include examining how much bone remains to support implant placement, which also takes into consideration the bone’s quality and density. The evaluation will also include determining if any additional work will be necessary prior to the dental implant procedure to attain best functionality and appearance. In the event of bone loss that is already considerable Dr. Karras will, in addition, evaluate the options for adding (grafting) bone, or generating fresh bone before the dental implant procedure begins.

He will also consider whether or not you’re a viable nominee for the Immediate Function procedure. While this treatment offers the possibility of getting replacement teeth more rapidly, a number of people do not make good candidates. Current progress in technology has shortened treatment time for customary implant procedure.

  1. What to Expect with Traditional Implant Placement.

Implementing a gentle surgical method, the implants will be placed in bone. This is normally done with comfortable sedation, creating the very best patient experience: an essential for successful dental implant dentistry. After the dental implant procedure, your implants will be left untouched for a number of weeks, allowing the bone to grow around them and create a strong bond. While this remodeling phase is in process the patient may have temporary replacements, which means never being without teeth for the duration of treatment.

  1. What to Expect with Abutment Attachment Procedure.

Once the suitable bone remodeling time is complete, a minute connector post, which is called an abutment, will be attached to every implant. At the appropriate time, your permanent replacements are affixed to the abutments. This phase of the dental implant procedure will be done by a restorative dental expert in the dental implant dentistry field.

  1. What to Expect with Fabrication of Replacement Teeth.

When impressions of your teeth, as well as the implant abutments are done, a suitable shade that mimics natural tooth color will be created for your replacements. In addition, bite registrations will be assessed, and a professional implant technician will manufacture your replacements along with the fundamental structures that attach to your implants. This is a seven-to-fourteen day week procedure, depending on how many natural teeth are absent, as well as the sort of replacement teeth being used.

A Closer Look at Two Popular Dental Implant Procedure Methods

As a respected, experienced professional of the dental implant dentistry field, Dr. Karras has several options at his disposal for your benefit. Let’s take a look at two of the primary procedures.

A Word About Immediate Function Procedure: When a patient is a good match for an Immediate Function procedure, 3D CT scanning will go hand-in-glove with virtual planning software in order to map out implant placements as well as design of replacement teeth. Done after the preliminary conference and prior to the appointment for the dental implant procedure, the Immediate Function techniques can be implemented for tooth substitution, whether one, some or a complete set. The temporary tooth set is normally placed straight away after the implant placement. An all in one appointment.

A Word About All-on-4 Procedure: This cutting-edge Immediate Function method is sometimes called “Teeth-in-a-Day.” Clearly, it is a very attractive procedure to those who use dentures. Once the preliminary conference has been done, as well as the 3D scans and plotting, people who are good candidates for the All-on-4 method are able to replace a denture, whether upper or lower, with only 4 implants and get a complete set of replacements in just one appointment. Better still, this is normally done with no need for bone grafts.

Your satisfaction and ultimate dental health are Dr. Karras’ priorities. Regardless of which procedures the doctor and you decide are best for you, rest assured that our staff aims to assure you are delighted with your new replacement teeth.

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