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The Benefits of Dental Implants

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How Dental Implants Work

With dental implants, the aim is to restore a patient’s mouth to its true state as much as can possibly be done. When the full tooth – root and all- is replaced, that tooth’s original function is replicated by a solid groundwork resulting is pain-free biting and chewing. Plus, artificiality of both appearance and feel within the mouth is a non-issue.

Dental implants safe-guard facial structure. It prevents bone loss which usually happens with tooth loss. That means facial structure remains unchanged and unharmed. A significant point indeed, particularly in cases where all teeth are missing. A full one-third of the face can collapse, should proper preservation of bone not take place during an implant procedure.


Dental Implants Help Preserve Viable Natural Teeth

Teeth to either side of the affected area won’t be compromised during replacement. When using conventional tooth-supported bridges, the teeth to either side of the affected area are surgically ground down. This is done in order for the bridge to be cemented to them. The original structures of those adjacent teeth are forever lost and their health put in jeopardy. Partial dentures must be hooked to the teeth to either side of the affected area by clasps. This exerts pressure as the partial moves back and forth in the mouth, which can cause the anchor teeth to loosen and even fall out altogether. But dental implants like implant-supported crowns and bridges don’t use, much less harm, the teeth to either side of the affected area, so healthy teeth won’t be put in jeopardy.

You will see a greatly improved smile with dental implants. Replacement teeth have a far more natural appearance than conventional dentures, crowns or bridges. Only have one tooth missing? An dental implant supported replacement tooth typically looks much better than conventional tooth-supported bridges. Plus, those bridges have life spans. Nor, do they maintain fundamental bone. When bone loss occurs in the affected area, healthy adjacent tooth structure can be compromised. And if this takes place in the front of your mouth, the visible bone defect will have a critical on natural appearance.

Standard oral hygiene is easier and natural with dental implants. Caring for an implant-supported crown is far easier because you care for it just like a natural tooth. An old-fashioned, conventional tooth supported bridge needs a floss threader in order to be properly cleaned. And when compared to a traditional set of dentures, it’s so much easier to clean a full set of implant supported replacement teeth.

Your natural appearance is greatly improved after having a dental implant procedure. Implants save bone, and that prevents deteriorating facial structure. A full one-third of the face can collapse in the event of total tooth loss, but implant supported replacement teeth can create visual improvement and preserve the bone that remains. Wrinkles that have formed at the mouth due to posterior bite collapse, or even full facial-structure collapse, are almost entirely eradicated.

Restore your confidence and poise. Many people who have benefited by a dental implant procedure say they enjoy improved self esteem and confidence. Their attitude toward life has brightened because of improved appearances, functions, comfortable dental conditions, and wellbeing.

An enhancement in the quality of life is experienced with replacement teeth. Replacement teeth via implant allows for a more natural smile, a lack of mouth pain when eating and an increase in confidence are when talking with others. Replacement of dentures and partials by implant supported teeth boosts your quality of life. No more gooey denture creams, a return to enjoying a wider variety of foods, an improvement in speaking, living without dental pain or denture discomfort and renewed confidence in appearance are all possible with implant supported replacement teeth.

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