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Computer Guided Surgery

What is Computer Guided Surgery?

Computer-guided surgery uses advanced technology to allow our doctors to precisely position dental implants in the ideal location to accept a crown or bridge. This high-tech method offers a number of benefits for any patient who is planning to replace missing teeth with dental implants.

How is Guided Surgery done?

Surgical planning begins with a CT scan of your teeth and jaws. A digital impression using an intra-oral scanner is then acquired, and the two scans are merged using highly specialized software. Your new teeth are then designed and the dental implant surgery is done on the computer. Once Dr. Karras is satisfied with the result, a specialized lab will fabricate a guide that fits over your existing teeth or on your gums and directs the surgical drilling with precision.

What are the Benefits?

  1. Computer-guided implant placement often allows Dr. Karras to make a smaller, incision which ultimately helps patients recover from surgery much faster, and often with fewer complications.
  2. Surgery is generally completed more quickly, since the planning and measurements have been done ahead of time.
  3. Surgery is performed with precision resulting in better alignment of the implants.
  4. Structures such as nerves and sinuses can be avoided, leading to a reduced risk of complications.
  5. In many cases, a provisional tooth or bridge can be digitally planned and produced to be installed on the same day the implants are placed

Why Does Dr. Karras Choose This Procedure?

Not all cases require guided implant placement, but for more challenging cases where high precision is needed, Dr. Karras may recommend guided surgery. Despite years of experience, even the hand of a seasoned surgeon is not as accurate as a computer in assuring precise placement of dental implants in these highly challenging cases.


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