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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Illustration of an impacted wisdom toothWisdom teeth are a source of significant problems for many people. They can cause pain, infection, and damage to other teeth.

The removal of impacted wisdom teeth at an early age by a skilled oral surgeon can prevent future problems while minimizing any risks associated with the procedure. The wisdom teeth or third molars are generally the last teeth to develop. They usually begin to erupt into the mouth around the age of 18 years. Most young adults will, at some point, experience problems associated with their wisdom teeth. In most cases, the extraction of these teeth is necessary.

If it seems the wisdom teeth are likely to cause future problems, it is best to remove them at an early age (late teens to early twenties). Removal at this age is easier since the roots are not yet fully formed and the bone is softer and more elastic. As we get older, the roots become longer and the teeth are more firmly anchored in the jaws. Also, the bone becomes harder, making the extraction of impacted teeth more difficult. In some cases, the tooth roots may even become fused to the bone.

The surgery to remove wisdom teeth is done in the office by Dr. Karras. Some patients feel comfortable having their surgery performed with a local anesthetic (Novocain), but most people prefer to be sedated or to be put to sleep (general anesthesia).

As with any treatment, complications can occur. Fortunately, in surgery to remove impacted wisdom teeth, complications are rare. Dr. Karras will speak with you regarding the risks and benefits of your treatment. Your surgery will be performed with great care and every measure will be taken to assure your comfort and safety. Learn more about wisdom tooth removal.
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Wisdom Teeth Removal in Morton Grove, IL
Expert extraction of problematic wisdom teeth in Morton Grove. Trust our skilled team for a comfortable procedure.
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