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Sedation Options

Dental assistant fitting a sedation mask over the nose of her calm female patient.Although sedation dentistry is sometimes referred to as sleep dentistry, the majority of kinds of sedation dentistry do not put you to sleep during the procedure. Sedation dentistry may be useful if you have a high level of anxiety or if you are undergoing a dental operation or oral surgery. The oral surgeon will work with you to decide on a personalized sedation plan that will give you the care you need while ensuring your comfort and safety every step of the way. Our surgeons at Advanced Center for Oral Surgery, Facial Surgery and Dental Implants create a custom plan, just for you.

Inhaled Sedation

With minimal sedation, you can breathe nitrous oxide, more commonly referred to as laughing gas, mixed with oxygen and given through a nasal mask. Nitrous oxide aids in a patient's relaxation and comfort by providing substantial analgesia (pain control). It is also suitable for minor operations. The goal is to assist you in relaxing and relieving your anxiousness.

You may easily manage the sedation you receive by requesting that the amount you are provided be increased or decreased. The gas is extremely calming and aids in the reduction of anxiety.

Moderate Sedation Using IV

Another method of administering mild oral surgery sedation is by the use of an IV, which is delivered through a vein. This enables the effects to manifest more rapidly. This approach enables us to alter therapy levels continuously throughout the process. We provide medicine for deep sedation and general anesthesia that will render you almost unconscious or fully unconscious, depending on the degree of medication. You cannot be readily woken from general anesthesia until the medication's effects have worn off. Consult your maxillofacial surgeon about sedative alternatives for oral surgery. Whether you're having your wisdom teeth extracted, a dental implant placed, a complete mouth reconstruction performed, or any other type of oral surgery, several sedation and pain management options are available.

General Anesthesia and Deep Sedation

There are medicines available that can render you unconscious or almost so, but not totally. If you choose, you can be completely unconscious during the operation and have no recollection of it. You will not be able to quickly awaken if you are under general anesthesia until the medicine has worn off. The medicine is delivered using a tiny IV catheter that is inserted into a vein in the arm. The anesthetic is effective quickly and lasts for a brief time. This enables the administration of small dosages that are both extremely safe and highly effective. As soon as the oral surgery is completed, the drug is no longer administered, allowing you to regain consciousness reasonably fast. Nausea is quite infrequent and can be prevented in people who are prone to it.

Oral Sedation

Medications for sedation are also available in tablet form, with effects ranging from mild to substantial. The most often used form of sedation dentistry is the administration of Halcion, which is a medication that belongs to the same pharmacological family as Valium. The medication is usually taken an hour before the operation. You will feel tired, but you will remain alert. To get a more moderate level of sedation, it may be necessary to increase the number of tablets consumed. You may fall asleep throughout the process, but you will be gently woken after it is over.

Schedule an appointment here at Advanced Center for Oral Surgery, Facial Surgery and Dental Implants so that we can discuss the best sedation option for you. You can also make inquiries by calling us at (224) 341-5517.
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Sedation Options | Morton Grove, IL
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