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Impacted Canines

3D model image of impacted canine tooth.For modern-day dentistry, impacted teeth are a common occurrence. In most cases, they require surgical intervention in the form of extractions. Wisdom teeth are by far the most frequently impacted teeth. Due to this, they are also the most frequently extracted teeth too. It should be noted that while there is a much higher frequency of wisdom teeth being impacted, it can happen to any tooth.

When a tooth is impacted it not only affects that particular tooth, but it can also affect nearby teeth by altering their alignment. They need to be addressed and extracted as soon as possible. With canines, this is even more important. Typically, when canines are impacted, several dental professionals need to be consulted in order to have the extraction be successful.

Those patients who either suspect they have impacted canines or suspect they do should come into our office to see us at Advanced Center for Oral Surgery, Facial Surgery and Dental Implants. We are always available to answer questions and help our patients find the right treatment.

What Causes Impacted Canines?

What does the term "impacted" mean with regard to dental care? While many would realize "impacted" is a dental term, most would not fully understand what it means. When a tooth is impacted it means the tooth did not correctly or fully erupt into the oral cavity. When a tooth is fully impacted, it means the tooth is completely embedded in the jawbone and cannot be seen at all. A partially impacted tooth means that while a portion of it is embedded in the jawbone a portion of it can be seen above the gum line.

Canines are the last teeth to erupt. Due to this, they can cause a series of potentially problematic situations. Typically, canines erupt when patients are around 11 years old. Some of the most important teeth a patient has, canines help to maintain a proper bite and jaw alignment as well as help chew food. They also provide excellent defense against the other teeth suffering from trauma.

With a crowded mouth, the canine eruption can cause a host of problems. It can make other teeth become misaligned and if a child hasn't lost their primary teeth yet, canines can try to erupt in terrible ways. For some patients, they can erupt through the roof of the mouth.

Treating an Impacted Canine

If patients have received regular care from a dental professional which includes yearly x-rays, impacted canines would have been discovered and properly planned for. It is recommended by the American Association of Orthodontics that children have their first assessment by age seven to address situations just like this. It allows for time to formulate the appropriate treatment plan. Due to canines having the largest roots of almost any adult tooth, they can take a lot longer to fully erupt. By delaying the proper eruption, the rest of the teeth can be set in their positions and resist moving to make room for them.

Anyone struggling with the pain of an impacted canine or who suspect they might have impacted canines should come to see us immediately for an assessment at our Advanced Center for Oral Surgery, Facial Surgery and Dental Implants office. Once the evaluation is performed, we can proceed with the appropriate treatment. We can also be reached at the following number (224) 341-5517 to schedule office visits.

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