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Facelift and Neck Lift

Beauty and Aged Skin Care Concept. Natural Woman Face with Healthy Flawless Skin and Lifting Arrows over face.When thinking of facial cosmetic surgery, for many people, facelift comes to mind. Facelifts oftentimes have a bad reputation since poor outcomes can be quite noticeable. With changes in the surgical approach and management of the soft tissues over the years, the results are more natural and the appearance of having had surgery can sometimes be subtle.

Dr. Maria, is in a unique position to provide expert facial and neck lift surgery. She is a Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, and is Fellowship trained in Facial Cosmetic Surgery.

So what do facelifts and neck lifts address? With aging, there are various changes in the face, from the skin surface down to the bone. The skin loses its elasticity, the ligaments supporting the skin start to loosen, and the facial bones start to change shape. This is seen as losing the projection of the cheeks, deep facial folds, jowls forming at the jawline, and sagging of the neck. A facelift and neck lift simply repositions the middle and lower facial and neck skin to their former, more youthful positions. This will result in fuller cheeks, a defined jawline, and a tighter neck.

In order to achieve a rejuvenated result, incisions are used to gain access to the structures under the skin that need to be suspended. Once the deeper layers have been repositioned, the skin is re-draped and closed. Since the main rejuvenation is done below the skin, very little skin is actually removed, preventing the “overstretched”, “windswept”, or “wind tunnel” look that patients are concerned about.

For optimal results, facelifts and neck lifts are often accompanied by additional procedures. This may include fat grafting to address areas of facial hollowing, laser skin resurfacing for crepey skin or areas of sun damage, or a browlift and blepharoplasties to address upper facial aging. Dr. Maria will personalize your surgical plan to address your concerns and provide you with the most natural result.

These procedures are safely performed in our state-of-the-art office under general anesthesia. After surgery, the incisions are dressed and a headwrap is applied. Dr. Maria will see you to clean your incisions and reapply dressings and headwraps for the first two days after surgery. Stitches are removed 10-14 days after surgery. Swelling is expected after surgery and will begin to improve after 1-2 weeks. Bruising is also typical, and will take time to resolve. Following instructions after surgery is crucial to minimize swelling and bruising, and to promote a speedy and uncomplicated recovery. Patients can typically begin wearing make-up after 2-3 weeks. Dr. Maria will see you personally for wound care, suture removal, and to evaluate progress. Most patients comfortably return to work 3 weeks after surgery.

Dr. Maria, a Fellowship trained Facial Cosmetic Surgeon, will listen carefully to understand the areas of concern for you and discuss appropriate treatment options to give you the desired natural, rejuvenated look.
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