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Surgical Correction of Jaw and Facial Skeletal Deformities

Posted on 4/15/2024 by Weo Admin
digital illustration of left side of human face with maxillofacial/jaw area highlightedSkeletal abnormalities of the jaw and face may benefit from reconstructive surgery. Oral surgeons use cutting-edge techniques to rebuild optimal functionality, proportions, and symmetry.

Reasons for Skeletal Surgery

Operations aim to fix jaw and facial bone defects from birth abnormalities, past injury, disease, or tumor removal. The resulting gaps can reduce chewing ability, cause pain, and reduce appeal. While braces align teeth well, only surgery can rebuild the foundation of the skeletal structure.

Custom-designed bone modifications derive from computer images tailored to the anatomy and goals of each patient. This reconstructive surgery enables fixes unachievable through non-surgical options alone when skeletal issues are too severe. Talk to your surgeon about the possibility of corrective facial bone procedures.

Common Jaw and Facial Procedures

Popular surgeries address receding chins, underbites causing chewing impairment, and uneven jaws disturbing profile harmony. Osteotomies sever and reposition aspects of the jaw for bite correction and proportion optimization. Invasive tumor elimination may also necessitate sizable reconstruction.

Computer imaging aids in surgical blueprinting, maximizing the precision of customized bone repositioning and implants. Prior orthodontic treatment often works in line with surgery to align the bite sections that will contact the following realignment.

What to Expect Post-Op

Facial surgery is highly invasive and healing intensive. Initially, expect significant bruising, swelling, and limitations with a liquid diet. Numb regions slowly gain sensation over weeks to months. Due to the extensive nature of these procedures, recovery is gradual, but substantial improvements in function and aesthetics are the ultimate reward.

Importance of Aftercare

Rigorous follow-up appointments allow surgeons to confirm that desired results are being maintained throughout final bone fusion and healing. For example, elastics are commonly installed post-osteotomies to support proper bite settling. Your level of aftercare compliance greatly impacts surgical success.

Though invasive, jaw and skeletal remodeling generate profound improvements unachievable with non-surgical interventions alone. Precisely realigned structure reduces discomfort associated with deformities. When considering your options, weigh benefits versus surgical risks alongside your surgeon.

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