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The Dangers of Not Treating Osteonecrosis in Your Jaw

Posted on 3/1/2024 by Weo Admin
Woman suffering from pain and holding her jawOsteonecrosis in the jaw is a very rare but serious condition where cells in your jawbone start to die. According to research, this condition might occur when bisphosphonates prevent the body from repairing damage to the jawbone. It is important to have this condition treated immediately because the dangers of not treating it can be severe.

Risks of Not Treating Osteonecrosis

You risk severe consequences if you do not treat osteonecrosis. Several days after the condition is established, you may experience severe pain and swelling in the mouth. The affected area in your jaw causes the pain. It gets worse when touched or exposed to extreme temperatures. Furthermore, this condition can lead to non-healing of a tooth socket after a tooth extraction. This is because osteonecrosis causes damage to your jawbone where it links with the tooth socket. Any damage to this part makes it difficult for tooth sockets to heal after an extraction procedure.

An advanced stage of osteonecrosis causes the loosening of your teeth. In this stage, your teeth will be wobbly and easily fall out if you bite into hard substances. You may also experience poor healing or infection of the gums. This condition gets worse with time and can develop into full-blown gum disease.

In extreme cases of osteonecrosis, you may notice discharge of pus from the affected area. When the condition reaches this stage, the risks become even more prevalent. You will notice a foul smell due to the worsening condition. Failure to take action in such circumstances could result in losing your teeth, especially around the infected area.

This is why it is important for our professionals to examine the problem in its early stages. We will recommend possible treatment and implement it whenever necessary.

Contact Our Offices for Professional Advice

Now that you know the dangers of osteonecrosis, you must prevent it at all costs. To reduce the risk of this condition, you can maintain good mouth care and have our professionals check your teeth regularly. Contact our offices for more information today.

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