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Multiple Teeth Replacement Options

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Welcome to the 21st Century! Multiple Teeth Replacement Today

teeth replacement optionsThe three most commonly used procedures regarding the absence of multiple teeth are the traditional tooth supported bridge, a detachable partial denture or an implant supported bridge. No tooth replacement circumstance shines a brighter light on the superior benefits of implant supported teeth than in the case of multiple teeth replacement.

Using the most advanced, cutting-edge technology in dental scanning and X-ray, today’s dental professionals can offer quality, perfectly teeth replacement options that would have once been thought of as science fiction.



Traditional Dentures vs Dental Implants for Multiple Teeth Replacement

A prosthesis along the lines of a partial denture will in fact hasten bone resorption, all but guaranteeing that the deterioration of the bone will quicken. Also, hooks that anchor the partial exert tremendous pressure on the natural teeth they attach to, which loosens the teeth and can often result in even more tooth loss. The majority of partial denture wearers say the partials create discomfort, so they wear them only when absolutely necessary.

Implant supported bridges have a wide variety of advantages  Let’s take a closer look at why today’s dental implant procedures are superior teeth replacement options:

The natural feel and functionality of natural teeth.

The comfort and stability of implant supported bridges is far superior to conventional partial dentures.

Implant supported bridges restore a more natural bite and ability to chew.

Implant supported bridges almost entirely halts the progression of bone deterioration.

The structure of the face is preserved.

Natural teeth to either side of the affected area aren’t subjected to the grinding of peg shapes or risk loosening, both of which further compromise dental health.

Today’s implant teeth replacement options offer a much better quality of life than the conventional procedures of the past. Where once people with multiple missing teeth had limited options like traditional dentures or bridges, today’s implant technology opens the door to far better fit, far better look and far better function.

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