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Implant Supported Crown vs. Tooth Supported Bridge

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Is An Implant Supported Crown Right For You?

replacing a single toothWhen replacing a single tooth that has been lost, there are two usual treatments to consider. There is the conventional tooth supported bridge or the implant supported crown. When a standard bridge is put in place in order to replace an absent tooth, the teeth to either side are ground to stumps so that the bridge can be fit and cemented into place. This technique may be relatively attractive and able to function for a while. But the price to pay for this is that the adjacent teeth are permanently compromised, affecting your overall dental health. In addition, a tooth supported bridge won’t restore the bone which once secured the tooth root. Without a root keeping bone secure, it deteriorates or disintegrates.

The Advantages of An Implant Supported Crown

An implant supported crown has many advantages over tooth supported bridges. These include:

The appearance, feel and function of a natural tooth.

An implant supported crown looks far more realistic and attractive for a longer time.

An implant supported crown doesn’t decay.

Grinding down the teeth to either side of the missing tooth isn’t necessary, enhancing overall dental health.

An implanted supported crown saves bone, avoiding any unsightly, unhealthy bony defects.

An implanted supported crown is much more easily cleaned than bridge, far more like the original natural teeth.

Dental implant surgery has become the hallmark of the dental field regarding tooth replacement; as valuable a procedure for replacing a single tooth as for more complex dental procedures. It’s essential to explore all your options, whether you’re faced with single tooth replacement or several. Dr. Karras and his caring, professional staff at the Advanced Center for Oral Surgery and Dental Implants in the Chicago area are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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