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Dental Implants: A Dental Field Breakthrough

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Dental Implants Have Revolutionized Tooth Replacement Methods

dental implant surgeryDental implants are the greatest development in the dental field, presenting a contemporary resolution for absent or diseased teeth. Implants appear, feel, and perform the same as normal teeth. They support a dynamic way of life and can give you the value of life you merit. A rate of success of nearly ninety-five percent and close to fifty years of scientific research to support them, dental implants are the ultimate treatment for replacing missing teeth. Their benefits are many. Traditional choices like bridges and dentures frequently are problematic when it comes to comfort, appearance, stability and long wear. They may erode self-confidence, nutrition and a general sense of well-being.



Dental Implants and Your Health

It’s not merely a matter of looking good. Proper oral hygiene, including the right dental implants for you, affect your health and your sense of welfare. It affects your diet and the way you see the world. When your dental condition allows you to eat right, you feel healthy and confident, you present a new you to the world.

When it comes to replacement of a single tooth or a number of teeth, whether securing a present denture or fully replacing one, dental implant surgery opens up a wide array of possibilities where once there were none.

Dr. Spiro Karras and his highly trained staff at the Advanced Center for Oral Surgery and Dental Implants are available and happy to help you learn if this leading standard of tooth replacement is right for you.

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