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Computer Guided Implant Surgery

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Computer Guided Implant Surgery

computer-guided-implant-surgeryOne of today’s most sophisticated and highly successful procedures is called computer guided implant surgery. It incorporates a person’s CT imaging to plot out the best implant surgery options. Traditional x-ray imaging is limited, making exact implementation of a surgical plan hard. In contrast to the conventional x-ray imaging, guided implant surgery allows for uncommon accuracy and precision. The advantages of this break-through technology over traditional imaging are many.

Computer Guided Implant Surgery Uses the Below Equipment and Techniques:

Medical or Cone-beam CT

Guided implant surgery dental implant kit

A custom surgical template designed for every individual patient

Implant development software

3-D CT Scan Software

3-d CT Scan software helps  map out treatment and surgical execution. Our technology used at the Center For Oral Surgery And Dental Implants integrates 3-D CT scanning, advanced CAD-CAM software, and biomedical engineering. It meshes in concert, allowing us unmatched accurateness and effortlessness in providing our patients the highest quality computer guided dental implant placement and for virtually every type of tooth replacement.

Computer Guided Implant Surgery offers Superior Safety and Predictability

When using computer guided implant surgery, we map out your treatment to the highest degree of quality. Using this technique allows for superior safety and predictability beyond what can be expected of “freehand” implant procedures.

Guided Implant Surgery Significantly Reduces Soreness and Inflammation

In comparison to traditional treatments, guided implant placement will significantly reduce soreness and inflammation. Additionally, this revolutionary technique will reduce the frequency and length of appointments needed, and that means far less intrusion in your daily life. Taking advantage of this innovative technique when considering your options for dental implants will produce benefits beyond any that can be offered by conventional methods.

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