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Breakthrough Technology: The Nobel Biocare All On 4 Dental Implants Procedure

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How All On 4 Dental Implants Are Changing People’s Lives

All over the world, people suffer from tooth loss, gum and bone disease. It doesn’t matter your age, your nationality or your gender. It is believed by experts of dental health and disease that many hundreds of millions of people have one or more teeth missing. In the Western nations alone, the estimate is that over forty million are completely toothless. The Nobel Biocare All On 4 Dental Implants Procedure is a breakthrough method that is cost-saving and renowned by professionals

Living with absolute toothlessness is far more prevalent than many people are aware of. Too often, people are under the impression that the remedy is too complex and, so, never seek out treatment. Another barrier is outdated equipment and knowledge. Also, when a treatment is by necessity complex or multi-tiered, the expense may be beyond the means of the patient.

But with fresh, ground-breaking techniques available today, these fears and old barriers can be surmounted. The All On 4 dental implants technology developed by Nobel Biocare is changing people’s lives.


Any patient who suffers with ill-fitting, agonizing dentures or is trying to live with unattractive partial bridges now has a proven, FDA approved procedure available to them. This treatment replaces teeth that are absent or no longer functional, putting a halt on further damage to the gum line and the teeth that remain.

How All On 4 Dental Implants Work

We take great pride in being one of only a small number of dental facilities in Chicago that provides the ground-breaking All On 4 implant method. This procedure is based on Nobel Biocare’s revolutionary Immediate Function™, specially designed for people who require fully restored upper and/or lower dentures. A qualified patient receives 4 dental implants in addition to a complete set of replacement teeth per arch. All in only a few appointments.

Rather than taking months to heal, a patient can have the All On 4 dental implants (sometimes called all in 4 dentures) loaded at once. Within one day, your fixed provisional bridge can be done. In the history of implant dentistry, this thrilling alternative to ill dental health and appearance is virtually unmatched. Dental implant specialists are excited by this breakthrough because they can provide patients with the ability to return to an era in their lives when they enjoyed great dental health and appearance with all in 4 dentures and bridges.

Dr. Spiro Karras is a specialist of the Nobel Biocare’s All On 4 dental implants process and one of only a small number of citywide specialists who delivers a fully restored arch of upper and/or lower teeth. This scientific method was developed to make treatment simpler for people who suffer ill oral health. The method takes full advantage of accessible bone, allowing the patented Immediate Function™ and the capability of having fully restored mouth function on the very day of procedure.

It uses just 4 implants in the jaw, using the benefit of orienting the posterior implants for the best possible support for the prosthetic bridge. And this is achieved with the smallest amount bone quantity. Nobel Biocare leads the world when it comes to ground-breaking restorative or esthetic solutions. Nobel Biocare worked with European researchers and clinicians in developing the All On 4 dental implants method, which builds on the revolutionary Immediate Function capacity, specially created for people who require fully restored upper and/or lower dentures.

The greatest advantage of the AO4 method is the speed with which permanent implants and non-removable replacement teeth can replace dentures. It is an established practice involving only 4 specifically positioned implants, typically without bone grafts or additional surgical procedures. That means reduced cost and recovery time. Other methods can incorporate anywhere from six to eight –sometimes more- implants per arch. Bone grafts regularly accompany those methods. All On 4 dental implants success rate far exceeds customary approaches, and is meant to last a life time.

Results are an unyielding base with which to affix the new teeth, which will not have any need for removal. The process is a time saver, a cost saver, returns your smile to its youth and original functioning, and greatly enhances your quality of life.

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