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Bone Morphogenetic Protein | BMP

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Creating Bone Regeneration with Bone Morphogenetic Protein (BMP)

How Bone Regeneration with Bone Morphogenetic Protein Works

When a tooth is lost, or when an implant fails, the resulting defect may not allow for implant placement. In cases where the defect is large, affects both height and width, or the base of remaining bone is small, advanced methods may be required to successfully reconstruct the lost bone.

One of the most predictable methods of bone regeneration is the use of titanium mesh along with Bone Morphogenetic Protein, or BMP, specifically, BMP-2. BMP-2 is one of the body’s most potent growth factors and acts to transform mesenchymal stem cells into osteoblasts, the cells that produce bone.

BMP-2 is provided in a powder that is reconstituted under sterile conditions and then bound to collagen sponges that slowly release the protein into the area. Because the collagen sponges are very soft and pliable, we need a way to maintain the space required for bone growth and to form the shape of the new bone. Titanium mesh is used for this purpose.

The mesh is formed into the desired shape and secured to the existing bone with micro screws. The space between the mesh and existing bone is filled with the Bone Morphogenetic Protein impregnated collagen sponges, as well as some bone mineral. The healing process is slow, 6-8 months, however, the results are impressive.

 A Cast Study of Bone Regeneration Done with BMP

The case presented below shows a defect that resulted from the failure of an implant placed by a different surgeon. It required reconstruction of both height and width, and the remaining bone was very deficient in some areas. For these reasons, BMP-2 with titanium mesh was chosen to reconstruct this patient’s bone, leading to successful implant placement.

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