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What our oral surgery and dental implant patients are saying about Dr. Karras

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I am so lucky to have picked Dr Karras to do my oral surgery. Not only is he the best oral surgeon, but he is a caring. compassionate person who makes sure his patients feel safe and secure. Thank you Dr. Karras, Viviane, and staff for excellent care during a scary (for me)procedure and for being there every step of the way.

Jan Cooper Komp

Dr. Karras is VERY good at what he does! I would never want to say an extraction is a “piece of cake”, but it went so smoothly and painlessly that I didn’t even finish one “Hail Mary” before it was over. The staff is attentive and professional and the office is immaculate. Highly recommended!

Pat Foukas

I love the chairside manner of Dr. Karras and his wonderful staff. They are extremely skillful and at the same time compassionate and comforting.
I went in for an extraction of a molar and went back for an implant. I would recommend Dr. Karras to anyone.

David Cole

Dr. Spiro Karras is an excellent doctor. I was in pain for over 10 years and went to various different doctors & dentists before I was referred to Dr. Karras. He was able to diagnose my problem in under 10 minutes and an MRI confirmed his diagnosis. I underwent surgery that he miraculously performed near my right ear. There is absolutely no visible scar anywhere near my ear and I no longer experience pain.

Linda O.

When I was nine years old I was hit in the mouth with a baseball bat, of which resulted in 47 years of dental treatment by so many oral surgeons I lost count. Needless to say I was hesitant to meet yet another oral surgeon. I thank the stars above for connecting me with this most genuinely caring, compassionate, top of his game oral surgeon. Dr. Karras is honest in what he thinks is best for the patient. He is so well-versed he also provided other options. Quick is his middle name. Whether it be a phone call or email, Dr. Karras got back to me often within the hour! It would only be fitting that the staff at Dr. Karras' office has the same demeanor, kind, helpful, and compassionate. If you want an oral surgeon that can orchestrate a treatment plan, follow through with top quality and results, this is the doctor to see.

Cassandra F.

Dr. Karras is professional, responsive, caring and he has an excellent "chair-side" manner! I will always recommend him as appropriate. You can reach him via email and he is quick to reply, even on weekends! Who does that these days?

Bob S.

I really wanted to let you know that because of you all my life has changed. I feel so much better about myself. My children are not ashamed of introducing me to their friends in fear of what they will see when I open my mouth. I use to take for granted smiling, but now, all I do is smile! God has truly blessed you with a special gift. Words just don't seem to be enough to express how grateful I am to have received such a gift. God bless you. I pray every day and night for you to continue the beautiful things that you blessed me and people like me with. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Kyla H.

I lived with a missing tooth for years and recently cracked a tooth, which needed to be extracted. After researching my options I decided to give Dr. Karras a call. In light of the fact that I have a crippling fear of seeing a dentist, I was reluctant to have dental implants. I am pleased to say that Dr. Karras is amazing.

Craig A.


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