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children's wisdom teeth

Wisdom Teeth Removal In Time For School

Wisdom Teeth Removal And Your Child

children's wisdom teethIt’s almost time for prepping the kids for school, and you have it covered. Supplies? Check! New clothes? Check! Course choices? Check! The need for wisdom teeth removal? That wasn’t on the back-to-school list! And, yet, when wisdom teeth are misaligned or impacted, the time is now to get them removed to avoid disrupting your child’s school year.

The teeth that are our third molars first came to be known as “teeth of wisdom” in the 17th century. The term was abbreviated to “wisdom teeth” in the 19th century. They usually erupt when we approach our late teens, and can appear as late as age 25. These are the years commonly deemed the onset of adulthood. Hence, our third molars became known as wisdom teeth. But, considering the havoc they can sometimes play with daily oral care, it’s easy to question Mother Nature’s wisdom in giving them to us.

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