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missing lower teeth

Lower Teeth Replacement Options

Exploring Your Lower Teeth Replacement Choices

missing lower teethOften, for people who wear traditional dentures after having undergone both upper and lower teeth replacement, it’s not the upper denture that’s the problem. Conventional lower dentures can be challenging to keep in place, no matter how much adhesive is used. But, over the years, dental implant advancements for securing lower dentures have solved this dilemma.

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Tooth Replacement Options In Chicago

Chicago Area Tooth Replacement Choices

replacing missing teethEven though you may think oral health and the overall health of your body isn’t related, quite the opposite is true! Replacing missing teeth is essential for eating properly and, no small matter in itself, your sense of self-esteem. Missing teeth affect the mouth’s natural bite, clarity of speech and the kinds of foods you are able to eat. When essential tooth replacement procedures are ignored, the reliance placed on the teeth that remain increases the likelihood that they’ll be weakened, be worn down or suffer damage. All this can result in more tooth loss.

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cosmetic dental implants

Enhancing Smiles and Lives with Dental Implants

Get Back Your Smile with Dental Implants

cosmetic dental implantsHow can you improve your looks easily and quickly? One of the very best ways is to improve your smile is with dental implants. A healthful, nice-looking smile positively affects relationships, whether personal, public or professional. An attractive smile enhances your self-esteem, and that in turn allows you to approach the world with confidence and positivity. Cosmetic dental implants restore not just your smile, but your quality of life.



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dental implant dentistry

The Dental Implant Procedure: What To Expect

The Four Basic Steps of the Dental Implant Procedure

dental implant dentistry

  1. The Consult.

First, you will have a thorough consultation with Dr. Spiro Karras. This important first step in dental implant dentistry is vital in determining your possible candidacy for a dental implant procedure. There will be 3D CT scanning. The doctor will possibly haven dental impressions taken in order to create a model of your teeth. This way the doctor will be able to design the very best dental implant procedure for you. From start to finish, each phase of the process is designed to assure that you receive the very best quality care during procedure and results from your replacement teeth.

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Multiple Teeth Replacement Options

Welcome to the 21st Century! Multiple Teeth Replacement Today

teeth replacement optionsThe three most commonly used procedures regarding the absence of multiple teeth are the traditional tooth supported bridge, a detachable partial denture or an implant supported bridge. No tooth replacement circumstance shines a brighter light on the superior benefits of implant supported teeth than in the case of multiple teeth replacement.

Using the most advanced, cutting-edge technology in dental scanning and X-ray, today’s dental professionals can offer quality, perfectly teeth replacement options that would have once been thought of as science fiction.



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