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computer guided implant surgery

Breakthrough Technology: Computer Guided Implant Placement

Computer Guided Implant Placement Aces Traditional Imaging

computer guided implant surgeryOne of today’s most sophisticated and highly successful procedures is called computer guided implant placement, also known as computer guided implant surgery. It incorporates a person’s CT imaging to plot out the best implant surgery options. Traditional x-ray imaging is limited, making exact implementation of a surgical plan hard. In contrast to the conventional x-ray imaging, computer guided implant surgery allows for uncommon accuracy and precision. The advantages of this break-through technology over traditional imaging are many.


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children's wisdom teeth

Wisdom Teeth Removal In Time For School

Wisdom Teeth Removal And Your Child

children's wisdom teethIt’s almost time for prepping the kids for school, and you have it covered. Supplies? Check! New clothes? Check! Course choices? Check! The need for wisdom teeth removal? That wasn’t on the back-to-school list! And, yet, when wisdom teeth are misaligned or impacted, the time is now to get them removed to avoid disrupting your child’s school year.

The teeth that are our third molars first came to be known as “teeth of wisdom” in the 17th century. The term was abbreviated to “wisdom teeth” in the 19th century. They usually erupt when we approach our late teens, and can appear as late as age 25. These are the years commonly deemed the onset of adulthood. Hence, our third molars became known as wisdom teeth. But, considering the havoc they can sometimes play with daily oral care, it’s easy to question Mother Nature’s wisdom in giving them to us.

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replacing a single tooth

Implant Supported Crown vs. Tooth Supported Bridge

Is An Implant Supported Crown Right For You?

replacing a single toothWhen replacing a single tooth that has been lost, there are two usual treatments to consider. There is the conventional tooth supported bridge or the implant supported crown. When a standard bridge is put in place in order to replace an absent tooth, the teeth to either side are ground to stumps so that the bridge can be fit and cemented into place. This technique may be relatively attractive and able to function for a while. But the price to pay for this is that the adjacent teeth are permanently compromised, affecting your overall dental health. In addition, a tooth supported bridge won’t restore the bone which once secured the tooth root. Without a root keeping bone secure, it deteriorates or disintegrates.

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Sedation Dentistry and Anesthesia: Safe, Pleasant and Effective

Sedation Dentistry Offers Comfortable, Anxiety Free Treatment for Patients

sedation dental careDr. Karras and his staff at the Advanced Center for Oral Surgery and Dental Implants are superiorly trained in every aspect of administering anesthesia. To offer patients safe, effective anesthesia has been a hallmark of sedation dentistry since its beginning. Modern technology makes sedation dental care procedures -whether simple or complex- safe and comfortable, all while being done in your specialist’s office.

Sedation Dentistry Has A Wide Choice of Comfort Levels

The specialist of Advanced Center for Oral Surgery and Dental Implants offer a wide and complete choice of comfort levels for adults and children alike. During the consult, your specialist will cover the optimum anesthesia choices for you, taking into careful consideration the intricacies of your procedure and comfort requirements. Using gentle medication that is both well tolerated and swiftly metabolized provides a safe and sound dental procedure that results in fast, unstressed recoveries.

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dental implant surgery

Dental Implants: A Dental Field Breakthrough

Dental Implants Have Revolutionized Tooth Replacement Methods

dental implant surgeryDental implants are the greatest development in the dental field, presenting a contemporary resolution for absent or diseased teeth. Implants appear, feel, and perform the same as normal teeth. They support a dynamic way of life and can give you the value of life you merit. A rate of success of nearly ninety-five percent and close to fifty years of scientific research to support them, dental implants are the ultimate treatment for replacing missing teeth. Their benefits are many. Traditional choices like bridges and dentures frequently are problematic when it comes to comfort, appearance, stability and long wear. They may erode self-confidence, nutrition and a general sense of well-being.



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all in 4 dentures

Breakthrough Technology: The Nobel Biocare All On 4 Dental Implants Procedure

How All On 4 Dental Implants Are Changing People’s Lives

all in 4 denturesAll over the world, people suffer from tooth loss, gum and bone disease. It doesn’t matter your age, your nationality or your gender. It is believed by experts of dental health and disease that many hundreds of millions of people have one or more teeth missing. In the Western nations alone, the estimate is that over forty million are completely toothless. The Nobel Biocare All On 4 Dental Implants Procedure is a breakthrough method that is cost-saving and renowned by professionals

Living with absolute toothlessness is far more prevalent than many people are aware of. Too often, people are under the impression that the remedy is too complex and, so, never seek out treatment. Another barrier is outdated equipment and knowledge. Also, when a treatment is by necessity complex or multi-tiered, the expense may be beyond the means of the patient.

But with fresh, ground-breaking techniques available today, these fears and old barriers can be surmounted. The All On 4 dental implants technology developed by Nobel Biocare is changing people’s lives.

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dental 3D scanner

The i-CAT 3-D Digital CAT Scan: The Most Advanced Dental CAT Scan

We Are Proud to Introduce the i-CAT 3-D Digital Dental CAT Scan

dental 3D scannerOurs is one of only a small number of dentistry offices in Chicago that offers i-CAT 3-D digital CAT scans. We take great pride in offering this superior dental CAT scan service to our patients. When it comes to oral and maxillofacial implant imaging, these scans offer the fullest amount of information and pinpoint accuracy regarding the structure of patients’ mouths, faces, and jaws.

Anatomy once merely estimated now becomes fully observable. Remarkably thorough diagnoses, treatment plans, minimally invasive procedures, and the likeliest results for these particular procedures are the result. Patients are thrilled with the results, the convenience and the reduced financial impact of this cutting-edge 3D digital dental CAT scan equipment.



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dental bone graft surgery

Dental Bone Graft Techniques for Successful Implants

Why Dental Bone Graft Surgery?

dental bone graft surgery

After tooth removal, frequent re-absorption of the adjacent bone occurs, the results of which is loss of bone stature and breadth. As bone reabsorbs the overlying tissue can lose volume and its typical anatomic form. This lack of bone and gum tissue that follows tooth extraction frequently results in function loss and aesthetic defects, resulting in an unpleasant collapsed look.

With our approach to dental bone graft procedures, using a number of bone resources, the patient’s physical appearance is drastically improved.

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bone regeneration teeth implant surgery

Bone Morphogenetic Protein | BMP

Creating Bone Regeneration with Bone Morphogenetic Protein (BMP)

How Bone Regeneration with Bone Morphogenetic Protein Works

When a tooth is lost, or when an implant fails, the resulting defect may not allow for implant placement. In cases where the defect is large, affects both height and width, or the base of remaining bone is small, advanced methods may be required to successfully reconstruct the lost bone.

One of the most predictable methods of bone regeneration is the use of titanium mesh along with Bone Morphogenetic Protein, or BMP, specifically, BMP-2. BMP-2 is one of the body’s most potent growth factors and acts to transform mesenchymal stem cells into osteoblasts, the cells that produce bone.

BMP-2 is provided in a powder that is reconstituted under sterile conditions and then bound to collagen sponges that slowly release the protein into the area. Because the collagen sponges are very soft and pliable, we need a way to maintain the space required for bone growth and to form the shape of the new bone. Titanium mesh is used for this purpose.

The mesh is formed into the desired shape and secured to the existing bone with micro screws. The space between the mesh and existing bone is filled with the Bone Morphogenetic Protein impregnated collagen sponges, as well as some bone mineral. The healing process is slow, 6-8 months, however, the results are impressive.

 A Cast Study of Bone Regeneration Done with BMP

The case presented below shows a defect that resulted from the failure of an implant placed by a different surgeon. It required reconstruction of both height and width, and the remaining bone was very deficient in some areas. For these reasons, BMP-2 with titanium mesh was chosen to reconstruct this patient’s bone, leading to successful implant placement.

CT Scan oral surgeon chicago best oral surgeon in chicago illinois

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3dCat-Scan-Dental Implants

Computer Guided Implant Surgery

Computer Guided Implant Surgery

computer-guided-implant-surgeryOne of today’s most sophisticated and highly successful procedures is called computer guided implant surgery. It incorporates a person’s CT imaging to plot out the best implant surgery options. Traditional x-ray imaging is limited, making exact implementation of a surgical plan hard. In contrast to the conventional x-ray imaging, guided implant surgery allows for uncommon accuracy and precision. The advantages of this break-through technology over traditional imaging are many.

Computer Guided Implant Surgery Uses the Below Equipment and Techniques:

Medical or Cone-beam CT

Guided implant surgery dental implant kit

A custom surgical template designed for every individual patient

Implant development software

3-D CT Scan Software

3-d CT Scan software helps  map out treatment and surgical execution. Our technology used at the Center For Oral Surgery And Dental Implants integrates 3-D CT scanning, advanced CAD-CAM software, and biomedical engineering. It meshes in concert, allowing us unmatched accurateness and effortlessness in providing our patients the highest quality computer guided dental implant placement and for virtually every type of tooth replacement.

Computer Guided Implant Surgery offers Superior Safety and Predictability

When using computer guided implant surgery, we map out your treatment to the highest degree of quality. Using this technique allows for superior safety and predictability beyond what can be expected of “freehand” implant procedures.

Guided Implant Surgery Significantly Reduces Soreness and Inflammation

In comparison to traditional treatments, guided implant placement will significantly reduce soreness and inflammation. Additionally, this revolutionary technique will reduce the frequency and length of appointments needed, and that means far less intrusion in your daily life. Taking advantage of this innovative technique when considering your options for dental implants will produce benefits beyond any that can be offered by conventional methods.

If you are interested in oral surgery options and want to set up a consultation with Dr. Karras, please call 847-677-6647 or visit us at 6677 N Lincoln Ave #100, Lincolnwood, IL 60712

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